You may be able to repair hearing loss!


“Hearing Loss is a Terrible Thing Because It Cannot Be Repaired” – Pete Townshend

Well, this is technically only partially true. Yes, sensorineural hearing loss is generally irreversible, as the nerves and structures of the inner ear are permanently damaged. However, conductive hearing loss caused by some traumatic injuries or waxy buildup, can often be reversed. Ah, yes. Waxy buildup. The relief that you get from inserting that Q-Tip, coupled with the thrill of ‘being naughty’, often draws us into taking risks and breaking the golden rule. You know, the “Don’t Put Anything In Your Ear That Is Smaller Than Your Elbow” rule.

Well, don’t tell anyone (tell everyone!), you can now safely break that rule.

‘How?’ I hear you chorus. Simple. The Oto-Tip. Battery operated, slim-line, automated, silicone-tipped-wand-of-wonder. It has so many simple but effective safety features that means that you can now put something smaller than your elbow in your ear.

Safety Feature Run-Down:

  • Medical grade silicone tip
  • Automated spiral action to withdraw wax
  • Break-away feature to prevent you putting too much pressure on your ear canal
  • Shield to prevent you pushing it too far into your ear

And the best part. No more 500-pack Q-Tip purchases. The tips are reusable – simply rinse it off and leave to air-dry – so it is better for the environment. The Starter Pack comes with 10 tips, enough to last at least 6 months, and it can be used for anyone aged 3 or older. Only caveat, if you have an ear infection, have had ear surgery, or have a disease like Menière’s disease, please consult your doctor before using.

Hearing Loss is a Terrible Thing. But you may be able to repair it.

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