Dear Music Industry Professionals: Please Protect Your Ears

Dear Music Industry Professionals Please Protect Your Ears

Hearing loss may come from any number of sources. One major reason why people encounter hearing loss is due to exposure to frequent, loud, and damaging noise. If you work in the music industry, you know first-hand how loud noise can put a strain on the ears. You need to protect your ears!

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Our ears depend on tiny hairs, or “cilia”, to hear sound. When cilia are exposed to loud sounds for an extended period of time, they start to become damaged. Damaged cilia can result in temporary hearing loss. If exposure to loud sound is continuous, the cilia in the ears will start to die, resulting in permanent hearing loss.

If you believe that your hearing has been damaged while you have been at your job, you may want to visit a Specialist of Occupational Hearing and explore options on how to protect your ears.

Protect Your Ears — Your Ears are Your Living

If you are a professional musician or an audio engineer, your hearing is your source of income. To preserve your hearing, it is important to wear appropriate ear protection during performances and in the recording studio to protect your ears. However, there is almost a natural aversion that musicians, audio engineers, and music fans all have against regular ear plugs.

A typical foam set of earplugs was designed for blocking all noise. When you insert foam ear plugs, you will lose a lot of mid- and treble-range tones. For this reason, people often get fitted for custom earplugs that reduce the damage done by loud noise but still preserve the quality of the mix.

If you are an audio engineer or musician, you should get fitted for custom earplugs by contacting a Specialist of Occupational Hearing. By making an effort to preserve the quality of your hearing, you will be able to master the elements of your medium as you gain useful and credible experience in your industry. If you choose not to protect your ears, you are damaging your long-term experience with sound and music – and quite well your career goals in the music industry.

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