22 thoughts on “How to Get Water out of Your Ears? Tips to Unclog Your Ears

  • I think there’s water covering my ear drums, or water went in too deep. I can’t hear that well. People have to scream at me so I can hear. My parents can’t afford a doctor, so can you tell me how to get the water OUT that went into your ears too deep? I really need this before school starts in one and a half month. This would mean the world to me. Also, people keep making fun of me, and I don’t like that, so this would be amazing if you can tell me.

    • This just happened to me I felt like there was a pool in my ear. I popped my ear first by holding my nose and blowing, then I took my blow dryer and lean the way the ear with water was so excess water would come out then I held my blow dryer about 5 inches away for 2 or so minutes and now all the water is gone!

      • Awesome, I’m trying it now. It sounded like the most practical and easiest of all I read. Thanks for posting that it worked for you.

      • Awesome, I’m trying it now. It sounded like the most practical and easiest of all I read. Thanks for posting that it worked for you.

      • Best way is that without dellay tilt ur head on the affected side and yawn and strike the opp side of head with ur palm till water purps out

    • anna try to lay down and put rubbing alcohol and vinegar in your ear also put a hair dryer up to your ear for about thirty seconds also you can just stand on one leg and jump with your head sideways

  • I think I got an ear infection. But like you said about school and the doctor thing. It’s just think my right ear is clogged up with water and i maybe it’s sensitive to cotton swabs. Which I’m realizing wasn’t good even though I have a while box of them.
    I tried to unclog them with easy methods but none work. Tell me how do I unclog them

  • I love swimming, but I also hate swimmers ear, and I get it every time I go swimming. I have gotten to the point where I just live with it, but after reading your post, I don’t think I want to risk ear infections or damaging my ear. I should probably get some ear plugs, as prevention is the best solution, however, it is also nice to know that steam can help get rid of the water in my ears. I swim at the local gym and they happen to have a steam room. Convenient and something I am only too happy to use.

  • Use hydrogen peroxide. Put few drops of hydrogen peroxide as you do to clean ear. After a minute Clogged water comes out along with peroxide.

  • I went on vacation and it seems as if water got clog in my ears what is the ideal remedy to get it out

  • My doctor has diagonised that there is a small tear in my ear drum and hence I don’t know if the above remedies would work on my ears. Does anyone have a similar problem and a solution?

  • I just went swimming and can’t get the water out of my ear. I tried tilting my head but it’s not working. HELP!

  • Idiotic article, useless annoying read.
    Get to the point and the points are lame,
    Instead of spending 80% on why it happens and other factors, how about putting as much input and informative methods on how to actually get to the problem.

  • Another method I tried which I triend and worked instantly, was where you hop and one leg and shake your head the way the ear is blocked. It should work. I had my ear blocked for half a day and it finally worked!

    • I just tried this but with a hairdryer.

      I fell and burns my face and think I’ve fractured my cheek bone.

      Al least the water is gone.

  • Instead of figuring out how to get water out of your ears, yawn or chew gum. Both help in draining the water out soon. If the fluid is stuck inside the Eustachian tubes (a part of the inner ears), chewing gum will help free it.

  • I had water stuck in my left ear, I got the idea of jumping up and down with that ear pointing at the ground, IT WORKED!!!! No other methods needed!
    Try it if you have trapped water in your ear!

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