April 21, 2016


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Developed out of the Stanford University’s BioDesign Program, the OTO-TIP’s patented spiral spin technology provides you with a way to do daily ear cleaning that is safe, effective and easy to use. Safe, Effective, and Easy To Use.

What The Doctors Have To Say:

• “From a medical standpoint it is an excellent device, its spiral tip is smooth and soft, avoiding injury in the external acoustic meatus and tragus, which are the outer parts of the ear canal and the most susceptible to trauma, scratches and cuts with cotton swabs, pliers, catheters, the nails themselves or any element used when cleaning it.”
• “The length of the external auditory canal ranges from 0.98 to 1.77 inches (25 to 45 mm), being shorter in children and longer in adults, and in the device the spiral tip does not exceed 0.78 inch (20 mm) for adults nor 0.59 inch (15 mm) for children, therefore it does not generate risk of tympanic perforation by itself. It´s pediatric presentation is not just shorter but also thinner, which avoids the risk of auditory canal trauma or discomfort in children.”

Other points:
• Conductive Hearing Loss caused by some traumatic injuries or waxy buildup, can often be reversed. The Oto-Tip specializes in removing excess wax and can help maintain a healthy ear canal.
• The Oto-Tip feels like a massage for your ear.
• Safety Feature Run Down:
o Medical Grade Silicone Tip
o Automated Spiral Action to withdraw wax
o Break-Away feature to prevent you putting too much pressure on your ear canal
o Shield to prevent you pushing it too far into your ear
• Tips are reusable, so it’s eco-friendly and saves you money by less doctor trips or one-time use of unsafe procedures like Q-Tips and Wax Candles

Johanna Oliveros, a Family Physician, Quotes:
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