April 22, 2016



Clear Ear started as a class project at the Stanford Biodesign Program. Co-founders Lily Truong, a bio-mechanical engineer, and Dr. Vandana Jain, a surgeon, discovered the number one cause of treatable impaired hearing worldwide is ear wax buildup. Lily has firsthand experience with hearing impairment: “After my mother went deaf in her left ear years ago, I have seen that ear health is a space that hasn’t seen a lot of innovation.”

The founders spun out Clear Ear from Stanford University to bring about the missing innovation in the ear health space. Clear Ear, an alumni of the Start-X accelerator, is now at the stage of commercializing its daily ear cleaning and deep ear cleaning product lines.

Oto-Tip from Clear Ear Inc. is a part of the product portfolio of pNeo LLC. Other products from pNeo include: CLEARinse, Baby Shusher, Tumzee, DreamCatcher, Sister Chic and True Tot Tower.



"Ear wax

might not seem like a big deal, but for people who are hard of hearing or have issues with their middle ear, a build up of the substance can seriously impact their quality of life.”

"By chance Lily Truong

was researching hearing loss and realized how painful and cumbersome ear wax removal was. From there Clear Ear-a handheld tool to clear ear wax painlessly for clinical and home use-was born….”

"The makers of Oto-Tip

want you to use their handheld rechargable cleaner. They say traditional cotton tips push ear wax farther into the ear canal, and can create the risk of popping the eardrum…”

"The Texas Medical Center’s

accelerator TMCx unveiled the members of its inaugural class: 22 health IT companies in informatics, medical devices…”

"Clear Ear Inc.,

a San Francisco-based consumer health startup spun off from a Stanford University class project, is offering a new way to do just what the company’s name suggests…”

"AARP Health Innovation

@50+ LivePitch, held Friday, May 9 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, showcased the most exciting healthtech startup companies in the “50 and over” sector.”

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