When Does Vertigo Require Professional Treatment?

When Does Vertigo Require Professional Treatment

Do you think that an ENT surgeon should be seen only when you have a sore throat or severe pain in the ears? If you think that’s the case, it may be time to think again. Recent reports show that people suffering from vertigo or dizziness should not take it lightly – and should in fact be diagnosed by a seasoned ENT surgeon. The reason being is that your vertigo might be caused by a hidden problem related to the inner ear that only an ENT surgeon can diagnose.

Facing dizziness once in a while could be because of fluctuation in the blood pressure or sugar levels. However, frequent dizziness is a cause of concern. You must visit a doctor if the severity stays consistent or beings to increase.

Vertigo Conditions that Require Medical Intervention

Experiencing dizziness while sitting down or moving suddenly after a long break should be consulted immediately. Early investigation and diagnosis may reveal the problem at an early stage when it is easier to control.

Some common causes of vertigo are:

  • BPPV or Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo: BPPV is a very common cause of vertigo. When you change positions suddenly or get up from the bed with a jerk, you feel dizzy. Most experts say that it is not a major cause of concern. It is quite irritating, though.
  • Inflammation of the inner ear: Sudden and severe vertigo is an indication of inflammation in the ear. Experts call it Vestibular Neuritis. In some cases, people feel nausea and loss of balance as well. Though the situation comes under control when you take a short rest, you might need to consider making an appointment with the ENT surgeon. They can prescribe medications to correct the situation.
  • Meniere’s Disease: If you face sudden attacks of vertigo that last for a few hours, it is a major matter of concern. Typically, this is an indication that fluid is building up in the inner ear. Along with vertigo, fullness in the ear and a ringing sensation are also common symptoms. Sometimes, temporary hearing loss is also reported by patients suffering from Meniere’s Disease. If you are experiencing these symptoms, make an appointment with an ENT surgeon right away.
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Though dizziness is ignored by many people, medical intervention is needed when it is severe. ENT surgeons can suggest the right treatment after doing proper diagnostic tests. Don’t wait until the symptoms get worse; there could be severe implications of doing so. Timely treatment can quickly and effectively correct your issues with vertigo.

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