Reduce Tinnitus by Reducing Your Stress

Reduce Tinnitus by Reducing Your Stress

By Paul Tobey

Nearly one-third of the population suffers from Tinnitus; ringing in the ears. Of that one-third, about 25% percent have a serious enough case to seek medical attention. So, for the millions of patients suffering from ringing in the ears — the ones who are suffering on a daily basis — the focus of this article is on you. I’ll be sharing with you an amazing secret which will control your tinnitus volume like nothing else out there. The catch is. it may be one of the hardest thing you’ve ever had to learn.

It’s hard because most people do not understand what it is that’s making your ringing louder; let alone how to deal with it. You hear it talked about all the time. Many people know the symptoms of it but, the vast majority of people have no idea how to deal with it. And, believe me, it’s your worst enemy as a tinnitus patient. What is it? What’s this dreaded monster?


I can feel you getting stressed out just by reading it. But, by far the #1 way to reduce your tinnitus volume is; “Get rid of your stress.”

Reducing Stress = Reducing the Volume of Your Tinnitus

Why is this so hard to do? Well for starters, most people have no concept of what stress is. Most people think that stress is the symptoms your experience, i.e.: anxiety, anxiousness, being up-tight, feeling anger, resentment, etc. The truth is the symptoms are not stress. Therefore, once you learn the real definition of stress, only then can you learn to rid yourself of it. So, here’s the definition of stress…

Stress is; “The amount of energy you put into resisting your situation.”

It’s not the situation that’s causing you stress, it’s the energy you put into resisting the situation. There are really only 2 non-resistant choices you can make in any stressful situation and that is to either; a) accept it or b) remove yourself from the situation. Staying and fighting only makes the stress worse because you’re acting out of fear and your ego wants to win.

So, let’s talk about ringing in your ears and stress. Tinnitus itself actually causes stress because of the constant ringing in your ears. The worse part about this is; when you’re stressed your ringing volume goes up and you get more stressed right? That’s why Tinnitus is such a hard thing because you’re constantly caught in a vicious loop of stress an constant ringing. That’s no way to live, is it?

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How do you reduce the stress? Stop hating the ringing. That’s a very hard concept  to accept but the fact is hating Tinnitus causes more stress because you’re resisting it. Don’t! Ringing in your ears is your friend. It’s here to tell you something about your life that needs to be changed. It’s here to tell you that you need to be taking better care of yourself. You need to be doing what you want to do instead of what others expect of you.

Acceptance of Tinnitus is the key to healing. When you accept the ringing you will reduce the stress and anxiety that it causes and therefore you will reduce your volume. Remember, reducing stress = reducing volume. Guaranteed!

About the author: Paul Tobey has developed a “How-To” informational kit called “A Practical Guide to Tinnitus Free Living”. A must have for all Tinnitus Sufferers.

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