Hearing Loss May Be Causing Your Child’s Poor Performance in School

Hearing Loss May Be Causing Your Childs Poor Performance in School

If your child is performing poorly in class, your initial reaction would most likely be to hire a tutor. While generally this approach works, there are some occasions when hiring a tutor or giving the child extra work doesn’t result in improved performance in class. This is because the root of the problem isn’t addressed. One of the usual but rarely identified causes of poor school work is hearing loss.

Hearing Loss in Children

Hearing loss is a condition often associated with the old members of the population. While it is prevalent among older people, this condition affects individuals of all ages, even young children. In fact, young children are as susceptible to hearing loss as old people are. This is because kids often are afflicted by ear infections.

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Otitis Media

One kind of conditions which affects very young children is conductive hearing loss. This is usually caused by otitis media, an illness wherein the middle ear is inflamed. Blockage or infection in the outer ear can also lead to this condition. Conductive loss of hearing is hard to diagnose particularly in young kids. This is because hearing may vary, which means sometimes your kid may hear perfectly well and in other moments, he might not. Therefore, diagnosis of this condition would require numerous visits to an ENT doctor.

While this isn’t life threatening, it can impact your kid’s life in numerous ways. As it usually occurs during a person’s early life, this condition can adversely affect your child’s cognitive and social development. With loss of hearing, delay in your kid’s communication skills may happen. These skills, speaking and listening, are crucial in your child’s learning. Studies have shown that those with hearing problems have more difficulties understanding complex sentences, plus they also have limited vocabularies than the normal kids. All in all, it can cause him to perform poorly not only in Reading or Math but also in most of his subjects.

For this condition, early detection is important to prevent further delays in your child’s cognitive development. Through early intervention, the negative effects of this condition can be extremely reduced. Meanwhile, late detection can make it harder for your child to catch up with his peers.

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Experts have likewise observed that hearing loss can be a hindrance in your kid’s social development. Worse, it can crush his self-esteem. All these may be prevented with early detection and proper intervention.

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