Clear Ear’s “July Madness” Facebook Contest

July Madness Clear Ear

Would an extra $350 in cash fit well into your pocket book this summer? Clear Ear has announced an exciting and easy-to-enter Facebook contest surrounding their must-have new product for ear health — the Oto-Tip!

Starting on July 5th, Clear Ear will be launching their “July Madness” contest for all customers who have put the Oto-Tip to use. The contest is simple! All you need to do is record a short (minimum one minute) video, or write a 250-word submission, describing what the Oto-Tip has done to improve your daily ear health! Just remember to have the product in the video, or attach a picture to your written entry. Your submission can be funny, serious, informative, or entertaining – basically, anything you can dream up. Be yourself and have fun with it!

Once you are happy with your entry, post it directly from your Facebook account to the Clear Ear Facebook Fan Page Wall.

Clear Ear will be accepting contest submissions on their Facebook page starting on July 5th, and ending at 11:59 pm Central time on July 15th. We will then select our 64 favorite submissions and begin a voting-based, bracketed-style competition starting on July 20th.

Winners will be determined based upon a survive-and-advance, bracketed voting competition on Clear Ear’s Fan Page that will run from July 20th – 27th. The cream will rise to the top as friends, family, and Fan Page followers select their favorite entries each day!

Haven’t tried the Oto-Tip yet? Order one here! Then once you put it to use and see how amazing it is, you’ll be ready to submit your contest entry!

Start getting your submissions ready today, then plan on submitting starting on July 5th! Good luck!

**Submissions become the property of Clear Ear and can be used on our website, social media accounts, YouTube, or any other media we deem appropriate.

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