5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Will Make You a Hero

5 Baby Shower Gift Ideas That Will Make You a Hero

Running out of practical, yet fun and unique ideas to gift at the next baby shower you’re invited to? Here’s a review of five unique baby shower gift ideas, each of which will be fun, useful, and practical items for the parent-to-be!

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

OTO-TIP Daily Ear Cleaning

Happy an Healthy

Developed out of the Stanford University’s BioDesign Program, the Clear Ear OTO-TIP’s patented spiral spin technology provides a way to do daily ear cleaning that is safe, effective and easy to use on infants, children, and adults. It has an automated spinning swab, with a built in safety cap, for completely safe daily ear cleaning.

Everyone from the doctor to the media has made us aware that we shouldn’t put things deep into our ears – especially baby’s ears! OTO-TIP’s patented spiral spin technology provides a way to do daily ear cleaning that is safe, effective and easy to use. This product is vastly superior to cotton swabs, ear candling, or ear vacuum kits.

OTO-TIP is designed to be used on the entire family, and will definitely make you a hero at that next baby shower!

Order an OTO-TIP here >>

The Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle

Collection-600x600 Cropped

This unique item truly is a sleep miracle for newborns and their parents. If you’re familiar with Harvey Karp’s “5 S’s” techniques from The Happiest Baby on the Block, then you know how effective “Shushing” can be to help soothe and calm a fussy baby.

“Shushing” is a doctor-approved and thoroughly tested technique designed to break a baby’s cry spell and engage their natural calming reflex. The rhythmic shush reminds baby of being inside mom, where they were inundated 24 hours a day with loud sounds of blood flow and other in utero noises (up to 95 dBs, or the sound of a very loud vacuum cleaner).

The Baby Shusher perfectly replicates the “Shushing” sound and, quite simply, works like magic!

The Baby Shusher is small, compact, and easy to keep clean. It can be used in the crib, in the car, when visiting friends and family, or when doing the everyday important things like grocery shopping or catching up with friends.

Take a look at the Baby Shusher in use here >>

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This miracle is a must-have for every soon-to-be parent, and is at the top of the list for a perfect baby shower gift! It can be ordered as a stand-alone item, or as part of the Baby Shusher Gift Collection (which would be perfect for that baby shower!)

Order a Baby Shusher here >>


tumzee green

As a baby begins to get a bit older and can start holding her head up on her own (anywhere from 1 – 3 months of age), then it’s time to begin Tummy Time.

Tummy Time encourages fine and gross motor skills. Tummy Time also encourages babies to push up on their hands and arms which develops strong shoulders, arms and hand muscles required for grasping and reaching.  Experts recommend about 30 minutes of Tummy Time each day for infants.

Tumzee is designed to make Tummy Time as pleasant and successful as possible. It is designed for babies from birth to crawling age. This unique design enables babies to be positioned on their tummies on an incline, which assists in reducing the frustration many babies experience during Tummy Time.

All in all, it’s a hugely unique and practical baby shower gift idea that will make you a hero!

Order a Tumzee here >>

Dropper Stopper


What parent hasn’t had to deal with their baby or toddler dropping or throwing their pacifier or sippy cup? Do you have any idea how many germs these things pick up the instant they touch the ground?

The Dropper Stopper is a fun, trendy, and unique product from Sister Chic that stops the drops!  With its patented design, the Dropper Stopper prevents dropped baby items from ever hitting the dirty floor!

Made with flexible material, one end wraps around strollers, highchairs and baby carriers — while the opposite end secures sippy cups, bottles, toys and more!

Dropper Stopper is a must have for moms on the go. The special grip material provides a nice snug hold. With a variety of snaps, the length can be easily modified. Made with designer fabric, this accessory is vibrant and holds up great in the wash.

Winner of the Moms Best Award, parents love that you can simply wrap it, snap it and say good bye to the pickup game!

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Dropper Stopper can be ordered in a variety of fabrics here >>

Also take a look at Sister Chic’s Binki Bands and Tushy Totes.

CLEARinse Nasal Cleaning System

Starter Kit

Nasal congestion can be distressing for babies and entire families. It can make eating, sleeping and breathing difficult — especially for baby. Relieving this congestion can be challenging, as over the counter cold and allergy medicine cannot be used for infants and children.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends saline irrigation and aspiration as the most effective, safe way to relieve nasal congestion in infants and children.

CLEARinse uses a custom pump system, recommended by doctors, that creates similar flow and pressure settings used in doctor’s offices and hospitals to clear noses. It is the only device on the consumer market that both irrigates and aspirates the nose, making the recommended procedure more streamlined and easy to perform.

CLEARinse works like a charm on babies, children and adults. It’s a baby shower gift that goes beyond just baby!

Order a CLEARinse Starter Kit here >>


These items top the list as some of the best baby shower gift ideas, and definitely beats giving another package of diapers!

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