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Pressure in Ears- Symptoms and Treatment

In your ears, there is a tube that connects your ear to your throat and nose. When you are experiencing pressure in your ear, this tube, called the eustachian tube, is blocked. The pressure in ears is called ear barotrauma, and it is very common and is mostly caused by altitude environmental changes when flying Read more about Pressure in Ears- Symptoms and Treatment[…]

Children Using Devices- Pros and Cons

Children are increasingly using devices more and more every day. Chances are, you know a parent who occupies their children by letting them watch videos or play games on their cell phone. Letting your child use devices is completely your own choice. Hopefully, this post will help you make that decision! Pros of Using Devices Read more about Children Using Devices- Pros and Cons[…]

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Hearing Loss Facts and Resources

Hearing Loss in Children Babies usually learn language effortlessly, when parents talk both to them and to those around them. During the first year of life, children develop listening skills and use them as a basis for babble. Their first words typically emerging at 12–15 months. For a child with any degree of hearing loss, Read more about Hearing Loss Facts and Resources[…]

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Earwax and Ear Hygiene- How can I safely clean my ears?

Everyone has earwax. Some people may have more than others. It can even vary from dry earwax or wet earwax. This all depends on your body and your genetic makeup. Many people believe earwax is an indication for poor hygiene, but the truth may surprise you. What is earwax? Otherwise known as cerumen, earwax is Read more about Earwax and Ear Hygiene- How can I safely clean my ears?[…]

You may be able to repair hearing loss!

  “Hearing Loss is a Terrible Thing Because It Cannot Be Repaired” – Pete Townshend Well, this is technically only partially true. Yes, sensorineural hearing loss is generally irreversible, as the nerves and structures of the inner ear are permanently damaged. However, conductive hearing loss caused by some traumatic injuries or waxy buildup, can often Read more about You may be able to repair hearing loss![…]

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7 Tips to Help You Stay Sane this Holiday Season

The stress of the impending holiday season is enough to take an experienced host out of their Thanksgiving turkey, tryptophan-induced coma and turn them into a Christmas-crazed, Black Friday maniac. With these seven helpful hints, avoid the fervor of the masses and retain your sanity. Delegate! Although hosting the perfect holiday celebration may feed your Read more about 7 Tips to Help You Stay Sane this Holiday Season[…]

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