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  • I work outside for a lawn and landscaping business. Between the dirt, the dust, removing, and replacing my rubber earplugs I always have lots of foreign matter deep in my ears. Using the old cotton swab is the way I clean them everyday. How would you suggest I clean my ears when there is so much dirt pushed far into my ears?

    • After seeing your comment, I felt could reply. From the article it seems if it’s a blockage, schedule a professional ear syringe. For normal cleaning at home cleaning 1× a month, do the mineral oil remedy above. Maybe for you, more frequent. Use a cotton ball to wipe away debris instead of the swab.

  • I thought it was interesting that you shouldn’t use a swab to clean out your ears. I understand that it can scrape against your ears by scraping your outer ear. For as long as I can remember, every family member has cleaned their ears like that. I will have to be sure to tell them how dangerous that can be.

  • Omg, I’ve had ear problems allll the time as a child, I think it was triggered when I was probably about 3, or when I got into the qtips, and they felt SOOO good itching my ears, but I over did it, being a toddler and my ear started to bleed. From then on I had ear problems while I was younger. They had to put these weird tube thing in my ears to stope the ear infectons. To this day I still have a problem with q tips because I JUST couldn’t stop using THEM!!! Especiallllly when they get itchy.

  • Can you elaborate on use of mineral oil. Like can i use simple hair oil? How to use it? Like just pouring oil in my ears nd putting cotton for how much time? What is the ideal average frequency i should adopt?

    • That’s tinnitus. The “hearing hairs” in your ear are most likely damaged. If you’re in a loud environment a lot it’ll do that. Aging also causes damage as your body naturally declines. Everyone has different triggers for tinnitus so find yours and avoid it. There is no way to fix it.

      • Firstly, it is not necessarily damage to the ‘hearing hairs’ as you put it.

        Secondly, do some research. Many people have found a solution to their particular situation. There are quite a few different causes.

        Read up before you tell people there is no solution.

  • I need help, I accidentally pushed my flap for my ear in and blocked my ear, then I used a cotton swab, and it seemed to have pushed it near my eardrum how do I get it out, I used peroxide, but that did not seem to get it, I got some, but I still can’t hear very well.

  • Can I use hydrogen peroxide in my hear that got a hole in my eardrum, but it is now healed over.

  • This article is very helpful. I will try these methods. Articles frequently mention people complaining about a ringing in there ears, however I have a constant static (snap, crackle, pop) in my right ear. I have had it for ten years or more and it never stops. It doesn’t seem to affect my hearing. Doctors seem unable to diagnose it and are very reluctant to believe me. Only one has ever done an ear cleaning. There are times when I do become dizzy and nauseous. Does anyone have this issue or know what it is?

  • My doctor said my right ear is fully blocked. I wish she flushed it out,
    By she said to go home and use ear drops and flush it out. I have done
    That and nothing came out. What can I do.

    • Loretta I currently have a blockage in my right ear due to wax. I was prescribed sodium bicarbonate ear drops to buy over the counter, which I did. Been using the 4-5 times a day and then gently using a cotton bud take the gunk out. I was told to continue this for 7 days and if it didn’t clear the wax to see my nurse for syringing. I’m hoping it will clear very soon. The drops only to be used for 7 days and no more. Hope this helps

  • Linda, I have had the same problem for the past few years. My ENT is unable to diagnose it. It could be fluid in the Eustachian tube ? Saline nasal spray eases it for me -but it returns. Could it be caused by allergies ? Good luck.

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